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Image of The Week: Myanmar – Racing The Shadows

Whilst out for an afternoon stroll (as usual when the light is at it’s optimum).  I snapped this old man pushing along a quite pace on his old bicycle. I took the shot quickly using my camera’s custom settings and feel the angle somewhat suits the image.

Nyaungshwe Township at the northern end of Myanmar’s heavily touristed Inle lake was the location for the photo and was a really great place to park for a few days. Cheap accommodation and great food is always a trap for the traveler and I found both of these at Inle Lake.

Travel Photography: Myanmar - Racing The Shadows

Racing The Shadows Was Captured Here

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Jason has traveled the world extensively during the last 20 years, with overland journeys on six continents and across over 90 countries. This site serves as a chronicle of the images and tales from these journeys, as well as offering advice and general information for other like minded travelers.

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  1. Awesome shot! What an intense look on his face!!

    • Jason says:

      Hey Andi, Thanks for that. Yeah, I sort of captured this one in stealth mode and he really didn’t know. SOmetimes it gives a better perspective on your images by doing this but it’s always nice to get a great smile as well.

  2. ciki says:

    Loved Nyaungshwe ! Weather is nicer by Inle too.. a bit of reprieve from the heat is always welcome. Great shot!

    • Jason says:

      Hey Ciki, Yes I also enjoyed Nyaungshwe. It was good to prop their for a few days and just relax after being constantly on the move for the previous 2 weeks. I’d go back in a heart beat…..

  3. Great shot! Looks like he didn’t see you, see him as he’s deep in thought, preoccupied.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Maria, Thanks for that. Yes I don’t believe he noticed that I took his photo as I used a method sometimes referred to as shooting from the hip. This is where the camera has it’s settings set to a certain focal point and shutter speed.

      Then I just clicked the button whilst the camera was down low around my hip area, hence the name. Sometimes shots like these can work as in my image above but mostly they tend to fail.

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