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Image of The Week: Fiji – A Lonely Walk After A Hard Week

Earlier in the year (around April I think), Liza and I made a quick trip to Fiji. I haven’t posted any images from that trip, so I thought I’d better get something up. This image was taken on the South of the main island (Viti Levu) and shows a beautiful calm afternoon. Although things weren’t that calm in the week preceeding our trip and at times we thought we weren’t even going to get there.

Only 5 days earlier, the people of Fiji were hit with a massive storm surge that created a state of national emergency. Three days before we were due to leave. All scheduled flights into Fiji were still cancelled. They resumed the day before we left and we were given the opportunity by the airline to cancel due to the circumstances. As we tend to do from time to time with our travel. We rolled the dice and off we went.

The planes were 100% full of people being evacuated coming in the opposite direction, with approximately 90% of the inbound passengers cancelling. It was Liza and I along with the locals that were the only people that were flying in. After a couple of days the weather cleared and the tropical cyclone had passed and we still got to enjoy our time. Lets say that the local people were surprised we had come and we were offered some great hospitality.

Travel Photography: Fiji - A Lonely Walk After A Hard Week

A Lonely Walk After A Hard Week Was Captured Here

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