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Image of The Week: Australia – Bird In Flight (Port Lincoln)

This image was taken from our rocky campsite perched on the edge of the water at the Lincoln National Park. I’ve always tried to capture the odd image of birds in flight, but it tends to be hit and miss and you need allot of patience (Which is something I lack from time to time).

The Lincoln National Park is a short 30km drive from Australia’s tuna fishing mecca of Port Lincoln. For a park so close to a country town, it was well maintained and a great place to camp for a couple of days.

Australia - Bird In Flight (Lincoln National Park)

Bird In Flight (Port Lincoln) Was Captured Here

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  1. Maria says:

    Interesting how despite our own ability to create “flight” most humans are in awe of birds. I can easily lose an hour (or more) watching them – love how you captured this one.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Maria, Yes I to have always been fascinated by the flight of birds. I was also taken back by the larger birds and the way the need a run up before taking off. I tried to capture a few pelicans doing this but could not get a nice shot.

  2. Anna Mitchell says:

    Hi Jason and Eliza,

    Awesome photos. Loved the pictures of North Pakistan particularly. Hope that you are both doing well and smiling.

    Anna Mitchell

    • Jason says:

      Hey Anna, Hope all is well with you. We are nearly ready to hit the shores of Africa once agin. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Northern Pakistan has, and will always be for me. One of my favorite regions on earth.

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