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Image of The Week: Australia – The Obelisk of Robe

As I previously mentioned. The next couple of weeks will take on an Australian theme as Liza and I begin our journey with our 4WD across Australia. In preparation for our Trans Africa expedition beginning in April.

This weeks image was captured in the busy costal tourist town of Robe in South Australia. The coast line in this area is quite rugged with miles of wide open beaches as well as some beautiful cliff formations that you see below. The marker on the rocky outcrop is known as the Obelisk.

Travel Photography: Australia - Obelisk od Robe

 The Obelisk of Robe Was Captured Here

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DigiDrift - Post Map

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Jason has traveled the world extensively during the last 20 years, with overland journeys on six continents and across over 90 countries. This site serves as a chronicle of the images and tales from these journeys, as well as offering advice and general information for other like minded travelers.

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  1. Ko može da kaže da samo 4 color nijanse mogu da se pojave u jednoj kompoziciji? Priroda je zaista jedno veliko bogatstvo.
    Sada imamo gosta iz Perta,u Srbiji je već treći put….Now we have new contract vith Vojvodinaforest for rezervate- fotosafari
    Sory me english no good…..

  2. Great photo Jason. Look forward to reading about your Africa trip!

    • Jason says:

      Hi Cocoa, Thanks for that. I hopefully will have plenty more coming from Africa in a couple of months.

      Currently driving across Australia from Melbourne to Perth to load the 4WD into a container to ship to South Africa. Hence the photo from Robe.

  3. John says:

    Been there! Robe is beautiful. But never to Africa. So eagerly looking forward to following your journey.

    • Jason says:

      Hey John, Good to hear from you mate. Yes we have a little more driving until we reach Fremantle and then the real journey begins. Although this has been a good warm up.

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